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Idukki Green Cardamom

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Imagine a spice that can make your food more delicious and aromatic, and your life more magical. Our Cardamom does it! The ‘Queen of Spices’ that originated in the Cardamom Hills of Kerala, where our farmer’s family has been growing it for generations. They use natural and organic methods, refined by their ancestral wisdom and the modern guidance of the Indian Spice Board. We partner with them to bring you the freshest cardamom, which we seal in air-tight, opaque, and resealable zip lock pouches to lock in its potency and quality.

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Our cardamom is grown in the high hills of the Idukki district of Kerala, popularly known as the Cardamom Hills, due to their origin of cardamom as a forest element, known only to the native tribes. Perfect soil clubbed with cool and humid twin weather provides the perfect environment for cardamom to grow with maximum aroma and potency. Therefore, the cardamom grown from the Idukki high hills is regarded as the best cardamom in the world.

Our farmer partner and his community have been experimenting with a blend of both natural and organic farming for more than a decade to produce the best quality cardamom that are chemical free and preserve the environment for generations to come.

Cardamom pods are gently handpicked by seasoned farm workers at the right time before they get overripe or are immature. Then they are cleaned, washed, and dried carefully to retain the color and potency. Our farmer partner has in-house facilities to process till drying. We purchase our cardamom right at this point and seal the aroma.

This is how we ensure that you get garden fresh and best quality cardamom, as if they just grew in your own backyard!

Cardamom is known as ‘Queen of Spices’ because of its mysterious aroma and flavor, and versatility of usage.

It is used extensively in Indian cuisine, like in Masala Chai, Garam Masala, a great variety of indigenous sweets and traditional food preparations.


  1. Ashutosh Kar

    When I received it, I was of course expecting premium, better quality cardamom, that can, may be slightly, lift the flavour of my dishes. However, what I didn’t expect was the smell the moment I opened the packet. Honestly, it smelled almost like a spicy perfume. This was an entirely new experience for me, I never had a spice smell so well, so strong. We regularly use cardamom, but you get the aroma only when you either chew it or break it open and mix with the dish. Even then, the smell isn’t that strong, and you just know that it’s cardamom. That’s it. I am so glad that I ordered it! The only issue is, now it’s a bit difficult to go back to the ordinary, regular stuff I used to buy from the stores.

  2. Ajit Kumar Patel

    I have never smelled Cardamom so fresh… As soon as you open the packet , the Aroma fills your nostril … And when you realize the lasting freshness once you chew few pods.. It’s a Must try..

  3. Alibha Patel

    The Cardamom are really fresh and Aromatics…Have used in kheer ana Tea….It’s so flavorful…You got to use to believe it..

  4. Sudhansu Das

    Cardamom’s aroma gave a sense of its quality and freshness. It was really very good. Thank you Gardenia Whispers team for such high quality premium product!

  5. Rutvi

    I have used the Cardamon and it’s aroma is so fresh and Aromatic. I used for Tea massla and it has come out very nice. Will now definitely buy this in future. Will recommend to buy it. Thanks

  6. Arti

    It is best quality I ever had, liked it very much, the outer shell/cover is also very thin. Everytime when I open the packet the aroma feels so refreshing and it adds flavour to the dish.

  7. Lopamudra

    This is the best quality I ever used. Everything is just wow . It’s packaging, it’s smell… amazing.

  8. Banayotshna

    Oh my goodness…. the smell is the next level. This is the best quality I have ever used. I can’t forgot it’s smell when I opened it. Not only this product I also used other products and believe me they all r so fresh and good quality.

  9. Nandini Dasgupta

    The one point I fully agree with the other reviews that I have read, is ‘ the amazing lingering aroma and the beautiful colour of the cardamoms I purchased.’ They are indeed of a very high quality and have really enhanced the flavour of sweet dishes- payasam- kheer etc and of course when adding as a “tadka” to my meat dishes.
    Have purchased the packets of cardamom and cloves and distributed them as Christmas gifts to many of my family members last December. An unusual gift, but sure was highly appreciated. Thank you

  10. Supriya Saxena

    Absolute purity and aroma. Just what I needed for my kheer and halwa.

  11. Sonali Saxena

    The best Cardamom I have ever had, very high quality, what an aroma, looking at the colour one can understand how fresh it is, completely full of seeds. Even one or two in a dish gives so much of flavour. Excellent packing which is keeping it so fresh.

  12. Ankita

    The spice was full of a rich aroma and felt almost like perfume as soon as I opened the packet. It was definitely a single origin product, of premium quality and it went perfectly with every dish I prepared. I have no words for such a beautifully arranged packet. 10/10 and highly recommended to everyone.

  13. Biswa

    The first thing that really strikes you is the neat quality of packing and the lovely information wrapped inside the pack. I did expect the best of the product when I ordered. Like many reviewers already mentioned, the natural Aroma when you open the pack is just soul pleasing. You can’t ignore the fact it is so fresh and natural and stays for a long time when you use it for tea and curry masala. You won’t be disappointed and a must try and true value to your money. Gift wrap it and share with your dear ones today after your own use

  14. Rashmi

    The Elaichi/Cardamom is very high quality. Its very Aromatic and full of flavour. It feels freshly plucked and delivered to you literally the same time. It is a very nice and high quality product for sure.

  15. Rashmi

    The Elaichi/Cardamom is fresh and very Aromatic. It feels freshly plucked and delivered.
    The product is very nice and high quality 👌

  16. Sudha R

    Wow what an aroma, it just makes the whole room smell amazing as soon as you open the pack. The size of the pods and the taste is far superior compared to anything that you get in the market, Great job Gardenia whispers in getting us the freshest product directly from the farms.

  17. Rashmi

    When I opened the cardomam packet, the aroma was the first thing to hit my senses that these are fresh and of premium quality. I have regular use of cardomam in my dishes but getting good quality of them is a task. Thanks Gardenia whispers for providing quality products..

  18. Merlin Nandy

    Amazing quality cardamom!! The aroma just spreads in the house the moment the pack is opened. The other brands of cardamom that I have been purchasing had no such aroma, flavor nor did it add any value to the dishes! But Gardenia cardamoms are a class apart. I had forgotten the real taste & aroma of garam masalas until Gardenia whispered…..

  19. Prashant Kumar parida

    This quality of Cardamom is rare to see, this is absolutely the most aromatic & flavorful spice I have ever experienced.

  20. Sonia Saxena

    Amazing Product , fresh and aromatic. Quality is too good .clove and cardamom are both with strong flavour which spreads through the whole house .Nice packaging too

  21. Kalyani.ashar

    Gardania Whispers Idukki Cardamom, with its piney, fruity, and slightly sweet flavor, is like a whispered secret in the culinary world. When I encounter its warm and spicy aroma, it’s as if my senses awaken to a fragrant dance. Whether I’m sipping Masala chai infused with green cardamom or indulging in a spiced dessert, cardamom adds flair to every bite. Its versatility – from savory curries to delicate dessert – makes it a cherished companion in my kitchen. Taste preferences vary, so adjust your usage of cardamom according to your own palate. Happy cooking

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