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Welcome to Gardenia Whispers!

We’re excited to offer you freshly picked Single-origin spices bursting with aroma, flavour, and potency as if they grew in your own backyard. We buy in small batches to ensure that you get the freshest spices. We believe in fair trade, paying farmers above market rates for empowerment. Every pinch of our spices not only delights your taste buds but also supports a sustainable future for our farmers and the planet. Join us on a culinary journey where every meal is a celebration of freshness and flavour.

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We meticulously select the geographic location most suitable for each spice to grow, based on its unique soil and weather conditions. Spices cultivated in these ideal environments are exceptionally rich in color, aroma, and flavor.
We partner with farmers whose values align with our own, seeking those who prioritize quality and cultivate the most exceptional spices. This commitment to shared values ensures a consistent supply of the finest spices, delivered directly to your kitchen.
We source our spices directly from our farmer's doorsteps, sealing in their vibrant aroma as soon as we get them. This ensures that you receive the freshest, most flavorful spices possible, as if they were harvested from your own backyard.

Our Latest Additions

  • Indian Black PepperIndian Black Pepper

    Indian Black Pepper

    130.00350.00 excl. GST
    • Clear
    This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • Idukki Green CardamomIdukki Green Cardamom

    Idukki Green Cardamom

    250.00950.00 excl. GST
    • Clear
    This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • Kanyakumari Whole ClovesKanyakumari Whole Cloves

    Kanyakumari Whole Cloves

    280.00475.00 excl. GST
    • Clear
    This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Looking for a customised quantity?

No problem! We offer all our products in customizable quantities. Simply enter the quantity you need in the box below, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote. Here are some of the benefits of ordering a customised quantity:


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Our Customers Speak

Wow! What an aroma!? It just makes the whole room smell amazing as soon as you open the pack. The size of the pods and the taste is far superior compared to anything that you get in the market. Great job Gardenia Whispers in getting us the freshest product directly from the farm.

Sudha R Banker

The one point I fully agree with the other reviews that I have read, is "the amazing lingering aroma and the beautiful color of the cardamoms I purchased." They are indeed of a very high quality and have really enhanced the flavor of sweet dishes like payasam, kheer, etc and of course when adding as a “tadka” to my meat dishes. Have purchased the packets of cardamom and cloves and distributed them as Christmas gifts to many of my family members last December. An unusual gift, but it sure was highly appreciated. Thank you.

Nandini Dasgupta Ornithologist

The spices from Gardenia whispers are flavorful, aromatic, fresh and adds a special punch to all the dishes. Black pepper is extremely fresh and adds the right spiciness to my dishes be it cooked or raw. I use cardamom in my tea and sweets which enhances the flavor altogether. The cloves and cardamoms enhance the taste and aroma for my gravies and biriyani. I highly recommend trying the spices from Gardenia Whispers.

Deepa Francis Rotarian

As connoisseurs of flavorful and authentic spices, my family members and I are very satisfied with the products of Gardenia Whispers. I recommend it to everyone who want to treat their senses to spices from India.

Trisha Mukherjee

Corporate Office: 91 Springboard, Fifth Floor, Dollars Colony, Phase 4, JP Nagar, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - 560076

Manufacturing and Packing Unit: No 64, 4th Main Road, 3rd Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - 560076



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