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Kanyakumari Whole Cloves

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Imagine the high hills of Western Ghat in Kanyakumari, where the air is filled with the fragrance of cloves. These are not ordinary cloves, but the ones that have earned a GI tag for their exceptional qualities like rich volatile oil content, more aroma, and more flavor than any other cloves in the world.

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These are the cloves that we bring to you, from the farm of our trusted partner, who practices organic and natural farming with scientific methods. He grows his cloves in the perfect climate in his estate, where the rain, the sea mist, and the sunlight work together to enhance their essence. He harvests them by hand, just before they blossom, and dries them in the sun. We pack them fresh at his doorstep, locking in the aroma and flavor.
These are the cloves that can make your dishes come alive, with a touch of warmth and spice. Whether you cook Indian, Asian, Chinese, Vietnamese, American, or European cuisine, these cloves will add a new dimension to your recipes. Try them today and discover the magic of these fresh, aromatic, and flavorful cloves.


  1. Ajit Kumar Patel

    The cloves were really fresh and aromatic…You get the sense of spiciness after you chew one…I do use it to have one clove after non-veg meal to get the freshness…Must have in your kitchen…

  2. Alibha Patel

    The Cloves were really fresh…I used in Biryani cooking…Came out really flavorful…Must try it..

  3. Ashutosh Kar

    I am not a regular clove user. The only time I knowingly use clove is when my wife gives me a bud while I am at the wheel. She insists that one should have a piece of clove or cardamom couple of times in a day so that the breath is fresh and the odour of the mouth (as the day progresses) is gone. She keeps a bunch of these in her purse. The clove from Gardenia Whispers turned out be just the right mixture of aroma and pungency. It’s unlike what she had ever offered me earlier. Somehow, given its exotic feeling in the mouth, I am now convincing myself to keep some in my bag and listen to my wife. That is, chew a couple throughout the day! :)

  4. Sudha R

    Very fresh cloves right from the farms. The size of the cloves are far bigger than what you get in the market. And the taste is great. I like to use cloves in cooking indian dishes as well boil some in hot water with some ginger and cinnamon for a soothing drink for the throat and when done with these cloves it turned out far better than my earlier one.

  5. Merlin Nandy

    I have consumed this product in the raw form so far, not used in any dish. But i think given the flavour, aroma and the feeling of freshness it gives to the mouth, I will consume the majority in the raw form. a must try product, can compete with any top brand in the market. This freshness of the cloves has been missing in the current products.

  6. Amudha Sivakumar

    I was immediately taken away by the authentic flavour. Such a flavourful product is hard to come by. Highly recommended for developing rich Indian flavours, especially in Biryani.

  7. Kalyani.ashar

    Gardania Whispers Kanyakumari Cloves are long, thick, farm, subtly sweet flavoured with a little natural bitterness.PERFECT for cooking & those clove lovers like me who often Chew it as a mouth freshner. Great buy at a very reasonable price. It’s warm, spicy flavor and intense aroma make it a staple in my kitchen. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a curious food enthusiast, cloves are must for you to add into list. The moment you open a pouch of cloves, an intoxicating fragrance envelops you. It’s a heady blend of eucalyptus, pine, and black pepper. Whether I’m simmering a rich curry, making masala chai or baking spiced cookies, cloves are there, weaving their magic. And let’s not forget their health benefits – antioxidants, digestive aid, and even oral health support! So, in my culinary journey, cloves hold a special place

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